Sunday, November 15, 2009

License Upgrade

Hello, I am Nate, KI6STK. I got my ham license back in July of 2008. My journey started years ago when I met some friends of my grandparents who are hams, and that is how I heard about the hobby. I was very interested about the technical stuff about it. I wanted to get my ticket, but didn't really do anything about it. When my grandparents got their licenses, I decided to apply myself and study. When an exam came close, I went to take it. I passed on my first try, and very excitedly waited for my call to show up in the database. It wasn't until a few months later that a friend loaned me a station to use at home. At this point my cousin Ed, KJ6CEA, had got his license and I had failed the upgrade to general, because I didn't study hard enough. Once I put my antenna up, I was almost over the microphone fear. I started talking on the radio when Eddie got on the local repeater through Echolink. Soon I was joining the nets and getting into the hobby.

Jumping forward a bit, I took my general class exam on November 14th of 2009 and passed. I also took the Extra just for fun, to see that I got 27 out of 50 right. I also convinced my dad to get his license. He took the tech then right after took the general and passed with 74.3%, which is the minimum required. Now it's a race to get to Extra class.

73, KI6STK /AG

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Ed KJ6CEA said...

Who knows, maybe Uncle Mark (Nate's Father) will beet us to it