Friday, November 6, 2009

RSS Feeds

I use Google Reader as a RSS feeder. I have subscribed it several feeds, the most interesting are QRZs and HamFeed.
  • AA9PW FCC Practice Exam
  • ARRL Amateur Radio News
  • Chelmsford D-STAR talk
  • Echolink
  • Ham Radio Forum
  • Ham Radio Delux Support
  • Ham Feed
  • KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog
  • QRP Ham Radio Club
  • QRZ forums
  • The DXZone
  • K2DBK
  • The K0NR Weblog
  • With Varying Frequency 
Good news, I may be going o pick up the radio 2 weekends from now (20-22 November 2009) so the qrp radio will go on the back burner and an 200watt antenna is next (i plan on stealing, not literaly, some coax and some bare wire and make a dipole style antenna with the tree i have in my backyard.). It should be fun.

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